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Inspirational speaker about courage


It all starts with loving your self.

When I came out as a woman at the age of 55 people told me I was courageous .

But they didn’t know about the moments that took real courage: the lonely courage.

My talk will show you your courage. I will guide you to your internal fan. If you have the imagination to think up an inner critic, you also have an internal fan.

Lets meet your fan.

Book me.

My story is not just a feelgood story, it isn’t another trans-story, it’s not even an I-changed-my-life-and-so-can-you story.

I took an extensive and intensive year-course on the psychology of high sensitivity. I have scientific research and proven methods to back up my story.




What people say:


Masha Ellis
what is extremely powerful is the pendulum between the witty jokes and extreme vulnerability. 
An additional hook for me – the science part.


Mareike Fuisz
What you said about the moment of courage really got stuck and is not only true – it is a piece of wisdom!



Jamie Patterson-Kaulmann
I LOVED your talk. The story is incredible and I was truly moved!!! You changed my life!

You are one of the coolest women I know


Jasmin Iris Hophan
Your speach is one of the kind that will resonate in me for a long time. Just so so touching, hilarious and deeply human, with a philosophical touch – a combination that I always find smashing! And I love your unapologetically authentic you.


Insa Künkel
What a strong story. What a strong person



Angelika Ployer
Your speech was absolutely amazing! It made me think, laugh and put tears in my eyes – the full range of emotions. I could have listened to you much longer.