When you are highly sensitive ,  the world is so much more beautiful.

But the world hits you harder too.

And if you are known to rejection, the spiral down can take you. The harder they come, the harder they fall.

So we come  a little less hard, hoping we fall a little less hard.

High Sensitivity has no OFF switch.

But we all have found our own replacements.

We don’t make the conscious decision to do it, but we do it. We all have our hiding mechanisms well in place.

Even if you have shed your masks, and are bravely facing the world as your true self. You still have some. Because there is no once and for all “be yourself” solution, that will fix everything.

Chances are that the very things you used to lay off your mask, are part of you hiding mechanisms now.

So there you are, being yourself. But still holding back. Your own OFF switches still in place. You may not even know that you are using them.

And that’s a pity.

Because you give the world so much, but you’re still holding back.

Yes, your life is a rollercoaster, but remember that a rollercoaster is a predefined ride with the seatbelts on.

How about a different kind off daring?

Because it IS possible. Finding your own OFF switches, and learn how NOT to use them.

You thought you were brilliant? You don’t even know the half of it!

I can’t teach you business. I can lead you to your switches.

And it has to be me.

Because these switches are there for a reason. This has to be handled carefully. By someone who has found her own, and knows what it is to mess with them.

Someone who knows how she can go through this, and still can find the energy, to start again the very next morning.

Contact me:  emma@emmavoerman.nl

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