We all teach our own journeys.

And that’s great, what else is there to teach? And it’s awesome to pass on what we’ve learned.

Wouldn’t it be great to do better yet?

Let’s say you’re a coach, teaching women to feel more powerful.

Let’s say you need to focus on one particular thing (because marketing, you know how it is)

So let’s say you made a freebie-crash-course on saying no. That’s a powerful first step.

You know saying No, means learning to find your Yes.
You know that finding your yes means learning self compassion.
You know that learning self compassion means facing your shadows.

But how do you get your clients there?

Because what they crave for is that strong and powerful light. They are so clever in dodging what they are afraid of. They even hide for themselves the fact that they are dodging.

So, even when  you get them to join your online course and your facebookgroup, how do you guide them to take the next step?

There is no one beginning that will automatically open the road to all other steps. Not even if you turn it around, and start with what seems to be the more essential part.

If you’ve got your client so far as to accept a part of her shadow, this will not automatically lead to self compassion in other area’s. Self compassion does not automatically lead to a Yes. A strong Yes does not automatically lead to be able to say No.

They are all interrelated (and I haven’t covered everything yet), they all need each other.

You as a coach have found one great starting point. The thing that triggerd you, and got you on the road.

Hopefully that starting point will set off a whole domino trail for your client.


But hey!

There is not one domino trail. There are two.

Thinking and feeling.

The thinking trail is the one you see in a a domino challenge.
The thinking trail sets of spectacular actions (you know, like making music, sending of a balloon or a rocket, or saying no)

You can easily reframe your clients thoughts and lead them into actions. You know, the cognitive therapy kind of thing.

But how about the feeling trail?

The feeling trail is the aorta.

When they do a really big domino challenge they always have a second trail running, the aorta.
It is not the one that is being followed by the camera’s.
It is not the one that sets off spectacular actions.
But is IS the one that keeps the show running when a domino falls short. And it will. Because thinking only gets you so far.

How do you keep the aorta running, how do you start the trail again when it stops, when you have only got your online training and a group?

And how do you know how big the trail is, and what projects are in it?

This year I am completing a course on the psychology of high sensitivity.

In that course I learned the whole trail, I felt the aorta. And I know which projects there can be.

For my end assignment I will translate all I learned to see what online/distance interventions there are to make your coaching more meaningful: both broader and deeper.

Contact me if you want to work with me on that.  I give away my knowledge for free with five coaches to work on better programs. Because I need you for my end presentation to complete my course.


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