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The choices of the Camel

(Dutch version here) You know the story of Frith and El Arairah? It's from Watership Down. In the story Frith gives animals their 'presents',  their special powers. But the story doesn't tell that the animals could choose their own abilities.  They could, and I would...

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Being Trans and how it mindfucks me

  a transwoman, a man, but just very sensitive (and a love for womens cothing) used to be a man but feels a woman now always was a woman, just had the wrong body What am I? Please don't say that I am the unique me.  That's right of course, but that doesn't change the...

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If I could choose my tribe

If I could create my own tribe I would belong to people who: . . . have such a big inner world that you can get lost in there (and what a bliss that is) . . . are easily overwhelmed by the beauty of the outer world (o my, it's everywhere if you pay attention) . . ....

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no funnels but just me

Starting something new, being stubborn. Throwing away all good online marketing advice. But the way I figure is that I only need two people to watch this and fall in love with it. Then they will send it to two other people, who feel the same. Hey that's doable, and I...

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If you think it’s easy, you don’t care enough

    You probably heard a lot that you cared too much. Bullshit! You can never care too much! You can care about the wrong things, but you are the judge of what those are. By now you have learned that.  And that took you a lot of trouble. It still does. I love you for...

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The art of crying

I'm not here to tell you that it is silly that men are not allowed to cry. I don't even want to tell you how ridiculous it is that when a woman cries, it is seen as a weakness. We all know that, don't  we? Or do we? When was the last time you cried in a business...

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Learning how to Talk

I have this Talk. Not only a heartfelt story, but a story on multiple levels. I hate one-dimensional stories. Always have. I did this talk, and the reactions were great, so I new I got a winner. But I wanted to make sure that I had no blind spots on being a speaker. I...

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If you have the imagination to think up an inner critic, you also have an inner fan.

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