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I have this Talk.

Not only a heartfelt story, but a story on multiple levels.

I hate one-dimensional stories. Always have.

I did this talk, and the reactions were great, so I new I got a winner.

But I wanted to make sure that I had no blind spots on being a speaker. I needed a coach to walk me through my talk.

But, here’s the problem. Not just any coach.

I don’t want to learn tricks of the trade, and I certainly don’t need someone that is going to straighten my oddities. My oddities are mine! I don’t want them to be straightened out. They are what make me brilliant.

In short, I neede someone I could trust.

I knew only one such person: Edo van Santen.

I worked a whole day with him, and I can tell you it was so much fun that only afterwards I noticed I had been working.  (I was exhausted)

The thing about Edo is that he LOVES your oddities. He knows that they are your assets. Working with him is learning to have the courage to bring out the you-est in you. And that’s how you will shine.

And yes, he knows all the tricks of the trade as well.

Thanks Edo, it was a pleasure to work with you.

TEDx here I come!

There’s another thing I love about Edo. Though he doesn’t know it, he is a rare piece of highly sensitive person. I never met a person who has the ability to feel and sense the invisible AND the ability to don’t give a fuck where fucks aren’t deserved. (Yes that’s from Mark Manson)

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