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No matter how great your method is,

you are what makes the difference.


Because your program may be perfect, but everything depends on the mindset of your clients. Especially the reason behind their enrolling.

When I was a teacher at elementary school, I used to coach children on woodwork. We didn’t have standard programs, children would come in, with a project in mind and I would guide them in the process.

That was the idea.

A great one, except . . .

Children didn’t want the process, they wanted the finished product. Usually a sword, or any other cool object they saw from other kids.

You know, there would always be this kid that was interested in the process.  That was great. She or he would work her or his ass off, totally submerged in the work. And then finally (maybe after some frustration and trying again) there would be this very cool product. A sword, a chair you could actually sit on, a dolls house, toys for a doll’s playground.

And then the other kids came in: “I want what she’s having!”

Despite my warnings, these kids would begin enthusiastically, but soon enough they would not only need my help, they wanted me to take over.

You will get clients like this.

They will skip large parts of your online course, and if they don’t, they will try to find out what result they think is necessary , and work towards that result, skipping the process.

They even can do this with artistic, out of the box programs.

They will be constantly searching what it is they need to deliver. And they will deliver it, like the good student they are.

When your course is about dealing with perfectionism, they will deliver perfect faults.

This is one of the things where you come in. You have to find out what it is they are avoiding. You have to guide them in their acceptance. Real acceptance, not the one they will show you, the one that suddenly pops out because you triggered something, with the right question, the right remark (or that look, that only you can give).

This is never in any program.

It’s in you.


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