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You probably heard a lot that you cared too much.


You can never care too much!

You can care about the wrong things, but you are the judge of what those are.

By now you have learned that. 

And that took you a lot of trouble.

It still does.

I love you for that.

I love you because caring is your first nature.

It is what makes it hard to stand out.

It is what makes it hard to choose for yourself.

It makes every step of your wonderful journey so very hard.

It is hard because you care. It is hard because you let your heart stay open. It is hard because you stay in touch with your feelings; all feelings, including pain.

So please don’t listen to anyone who tells you that believing in yourself (or the universe) makes this all a walk in the park.

Don’t believe any kind of enlightenment that makes the pain go away.

Don’t ever think there is a THERE, and that being there will make everything alright.

These are all bypasses.

Yes, they work, but there is a price to be paid. You can feel great and courageous, blissful. You can even be successful this way. 

But you do this by shutting off your feelings.

So, there is only misery?

No of course not. Pain is not misery. Pain is just part of the deal, and so is joy. If you dare to feel the one, you are opening yourself to the other.

Please keep feeling.

Please keep caring.

Be Bold AND Sensitive

Be Outspoken AND Caring

That combination is what makes you smashing.

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