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If I could create my own tribe I would belong to people who:

. . . have such a big inner world that you can get lost in there (and what a bliss that is)

. . . are easily overwhelmed by the beauty of the outer world (o my, it’s everywhere if you pay attention)

. . . are deeply touched by the beauty and courage of others

. . . are slow to open up (sorry, been hurt that way), but when they do, they do so completely, because all they want is connection

. . . have the courage to be AND feel who they are, even the nasty bits (because they all have the bits that they especially hate about themselves, and yet they are willing to put it out there, to face it, to learn to have compassion for it)

. . . want to change the world because it hurts seeing how the beauty in others is not seen and recognized, often not even by themselves

. . . want to shout out to the world: “OMG! you all need to see this! How can I find the words, the gestures, the images to tell you about this?”

. . .  have the guts to go out there and DO it



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