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When I went in transition I decided not to alter my voice.

And then I did.

This is what happens in transition. You change. And everything changes with it. If you want to find out how fixed your mindset is, try transitioning, it;s fun!

So I went to a voice therapist, and she was great. I learned a lot in a day.

What I learned was to slightly higher my pitch (not that much) and to switch the place where my voice resonated. Instead of using my chest, I projected my voice in my head. 

This went all very well.

And then.

I made vlogs and facebook lives, and my own children said my voice sounded kind of spooky. I listened to myself and heard the difference.  When in front of a camera my voice became nanny-like.

Because I am in my way to become a professional speaker, this just wouldn’t do.

Then I met Dana and worked with her.

Because she is not just a voice therapist. She helps you find your own voice to reach your audience.
This wasn’t about feminizing my voice anymore.

Grounding is your problem, she said.


I though I had that one covered years ago!  I used to have no grounding whatsoever. I would spread out my energy all over the place, in touch with all my crazy ideas and fantasies, without being ale to make them work, ground them as it were. But now was different, wasn’t it? I found my strength,  I felt so grounded as a woman. You couldn’t move me away if you tried!

Yeah, well, be that as it may, my voice wasn’t. When delivering a speech, I was still out there, with my thoughts instead of present.

Dana let me do the work.

Grounding. Breathing. Finding my inner stage.

And finding the resonation in my chest again.

And that was tricky, because these exercise work best in my male voice. And that can be quite deep!

Dana gave me the trust to find my voice. The male energy AND the female energy.

We’re not done yet, But she helped me enormously with my TEDx pitch. My voice was strong. I stood grounded. I could focus my energy.

Dana, it is great, working with you. You inspire and give confidence. That was what was needed to find my voice.

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