Emma one on one


Dear coach, 

You are at the next level.

It was easy to get the first big wows from your clients.

But your not satisfied with that anymore. Because you feel they need more, and they are avoiding it.

You know this is a big issue. Your clients are so good at it. Any online program gives them way too much opportunity.

Hey, I know all about avoiding. I know the very ingenious ways we are doing it. I fooled a lot of coaches and trainers. (Unintentionally, most of the time, because I fooled myself.)

I finally found an expertise center where I learned what it really takes to take on life. The first (and still only) coach that I couldn’t fool!

My transition also helped a lot.

I know how to get people out of their heads. I know what it takes to let them stop avoiding things.

I want to work with you, make your interventions even better.

And of course that means working with your own avoiding mechanisms.  (Oh, you thought you didn’t have them anymore? No you don’t, you’re smarter than that.)

This is why you will never learn this in an online course.  We need to get one on one.


Contact me: emmajjvoerman@gmail.com

YEAR PROGRAM                     for only     €3450,- (ex VAT)  

Work with me, and I’ll teach you, one on one, everything about the psychology of high sensitivity, and what this means for you, your clients, and you programs. Together we will recreate your programs, breaking through the limits of online.

How about my freebie, and online course?

I have none.

I share my knowledge here. It grows day by day.