Clarity Breakthrough Call

Unstuck in one call.
I lift you out of the labyrinth you’re in.
And you will see the rest of your path clearly.


Dear Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur,

Yes I know you don’t like that word: highly sensitive. And I like you because of that.

Oh. You don’t know you’re highly sensitive yet?
Where do you think your brilliance comes from?
Read on, see if you recognize yourself.

The fact is that you are. And we need to talk about it.

Because you are brilliant and brave.

Brilliant because of your high sensitivity.

Brave because you dared to be different.

This combination makes you smashing.

It also makes you lonely.

There are not many people that really understand you.

Sure your clients love you, but they walk the road that you laid down. They don’t know what feels like to build this road, step by beautiful, but lonely, step.

The only compass you have is inside you.

Sometimes it feels unreliable.

Sometimes you forget to use it. 

Sometimes you feel you are at a crossroads (yes I know there is no road, but still you see it, including the crossroads)

Sometimes it feels as if your intuition is lost.

Wouldn’t it be great to talk to

  • Someone who has the ability to lift you from the bushes you are in, so you can see the greater picture again?
  • Someone who knows all your layers.
  • Someone who can pinpoint where there is still work to be done in order to grow.


We’ll go beyond all these standard personal development things.

Because yadayadayada and Duh . . .

You have seen all that, and it’s not you.

I AM you.

I have been there.

I have the theory to back up MY intuition about this. I followed a course at a renowned institute about high sensitivity. A place where they go further than anything I have come across , both scientifically and on a personal level (I have seen a lot, done a lot,  and been disappointed a lot)

I know about avoiding mechanisms, and how very clever yours are.

I can take you on, if you have the guts to grow beyond where you are now.

Yes, of course there is a beyond, and yes you are ready.


So here’s the deal:

First call is free!

After that:

A  clarity breakthrough call (Skype or Zoom)  (no time limit) for 2000 euro’s (Dutch VAT excluded)

I don’t do fancy prices with comma’s.

Maybe we’ll decide a on a second call, because it’s a process. Processes can’t be planned, even though some online programs try to tell you they are.

After that you can go along on your own.

You allways could, you just needed this shift.

I’ll send the invoice afterwards,

and only when you are completely satisfied.

I can make that guarantee, I know what I’m worth.

I don’t do timeslots either, I will make time for you.

Contact me: