Breakthrourgh coach

Dear Highly Sensitive Entrepreneur,

Yes I know you don’t like that word: highly sensitive. And I like you because of that.

Oh. You don’t know you’re highly sensitive yet?
Where do you think your brilliance comes from?
Read on, see if you recognize yourself.

The fact is that you are. And we need to talk about it.

Because either you know you can be greater still, and are fearing the next step . . .

or you’re playing small.


And if you are not afraid, then you’re faking something,
and then you definitely need me!


I know where you came from:

In your childhood you saw a beautiful world, but you stopped talking about it, because the others couldn’t see it.

Then you forgot, and became successful in some job.  (Do you know which came first?)


I know all about forgetting. I took me more then 50 years to acknowledge to myself that I am a woman.
Yes! To myself! That was the hardest part.
After that, showing it to the rest of the world was a walk in the park.

Where were we? O yes, your successful job, and forgetting about what really mattered.

Till you remembered, and began your journey.

And now you are on an enterprise to show the world it’s beauty again.

And to help create it.

And it’s getting bigger then you.

That is why I love you.

But the very instrument (you and your senses), that makes you so brilliant, makes you vulnerable too.

The very scale your business is moving towards, is frightening.

That is why you have such powerful blocks.

That is why every now and then the imposter syndrome  kicks in.

And hey, you know that you’ll manage. You have always done that.

But now it seems that you can’t even trust your intuition anymore.

I know.

The brain does that. (It’s neurology actually)

I know what it takes to weather this storm and sing in its rain.

I will be your breakthrough coach

(Yes, you have your own coach, and he or she maybe perfect for you business, but just maybe there are layers that the both of you are missing. You go so very deep, remember?)


I can help you get to that scary place where your brilliance and demons come from.  (And you know the answer is there)

I have been there too.


I was there when I first saw myself in a dress
I was there when I sent my first invoice . . . to a FRIEND!
I was there writing this page, naming my price.



Your next step is about the courage being yourself (Yes, even more yourself! You thought, there wasn’t more to discover?)

Real courage isn’t about “Hurray I did this!”
Real courage is only found in the very lonely places,
being painfully aware of the step you are taking.

Let me be there with you

Oh, and let’s be clear on two things:

I don’t do strategy. I do you. You do strategy.

I don’t do the ‘learning to handle high sensitivity’ stuff.



And hey, if you  still think you’re not highly sensitive, that’s okay.
Maybe you are just-more-then-average-sensitive.
But if you read this far, I love you anyway. 



Here’s my proposition.

A  breakthrough call (no time limit) for 1750 euro’s  (Ex VAT/BTW)
I don’t do fancy prices with comma’s. 

Maybe we’ll decide a on a second call, because it’s a process. Processes can’t be planned, even though some online programs try to tell you they are.
After that you can go along on your own.
You allways could, you just needed this shift.

I’ll send the invoice afterwards,
and only when you are completely satisfied. 

I can make that guarantee, I know what I’m worth.

I don’t do timeslots either, I will make time for you.


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