You know?

Sometimes it happens, getting stuck, not being in touch with your intuition.

Most of the times it’s because you are overstimulated, it will go away.

Sometimes it doesn’t.

Go away I mean.

And that’s because you are ready for a breakthrough.

There are always things you are hiding form yourself. And you already discovered so many of them.

Now is the time to discover some more.

Bit the problem is:

you are way beyond anything you can learn form online programs,
you are way beyond any form of regular coaching.

There is a reason you haven’st discovered these thing yet: you hid them too damned well. (And well you should because you were not ready for them yet) You hid them behind layer after layer of clever hiding mechanisms, some of which even brought you your success.

I’m the expert on hiding mechanisms.

I can sniff them out.

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